Project Highlight Videos

To introduce our research to a broad audience, our scientists have summarized the highlights of their research in short, concise presentations. The content of the slides is supported by the recorded speech contributions of our colleagues in 5 minute videos for each individuel project part.

We would therefore like to invite you to join us in viewing the outstanding results of the second funding period. The presentations are assigned according to their subject matter to our 3 main thematic areas: 1) Synthesis and Phase Control, 2) Densification and Corasening, and 3) Mechanical Deformation.

Topic 1: Synthesis and Phase Control

Project: Impact of electric fields on microstructure evolution in functional ceramics

Project: Kinetic unmixing and kinetic decomposition of oxides in external electrical fields

Project: Magnetic Field-assisted chemical vapor Deposition of Transition Metal oxides and in situ investigations on electronic structure by X-ray

Project: The Influence of electric and magnetic fields on microstructure in multiferroic composite materials - a phase-field-crystal approach

Topic 2: Densification and Coarsening

Project: The impact of high current densities and magnetic fields on the microstructure of nanocrystalline iron- and nickel-based alloys and related effects during sprak plasma sintering of these alloys


Project: Flash sintering of Perovskites

Project: In-situ electron microscopy studies of flash annealing in oxide ceramics


Project: Form FAST to FLASH : Field Assisted Sintering of oxide ceramics with controlled electric field and current density

Topic 3: Mechanical Deformation

Project: Micromechanism of electro-plastic effect in magnesium alloys investigated by means of electron microscopy

Last Modified: 19.09.2023