Summer School on non-conventional sintering, Trento, Italy, 05.-07.06.2023

Summer School on non-conventional sintering, Trento, Italy, 05.-07.06.2023

12 lectures, 65 participants from all over Europe including master and PhD students, researchers and professionals from renowned companies, 19 poster presentations. These are the main numbers of the summerschool Non-conventional sintering: Science and technology", held in Trento from 5 to 7 June and organized by the department of industrial engineering (University of Trento) in collaboration with the SPP 1959 fields matter.

The event was an opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations in the sintering of ceramic materials, in the presence of some of the world's leading experts. Much space was reserved for the latest technologies for the production of ceramic materials, which have seen a veritable explosion in the last 15 years thanks to research into methods with lower environmental impact and reduced energy consumption.

Nineteen students also presented their research work on these topics through an exhibition of posters that allowed for a fruitful exchange between researchers from different backgrounds and the promotion of new scientific collaborations. Taking the podium for the best posters were: Cristina Ojalvo Guiberteau (University of Extremadura and University of Aveiro), Anna-Katharina Hofer (Montanuniversität Leoben) and Muthusundar Kumar (University of Mons).

Thanks to the the scientific organization committee Prof. Vincenzo M. Sglavo, Dr. Mattia Biesuz, Dr. Emanuele De Bona, Prof. Olivier Guillon, Prof. Martin Bram and Luca Balice.

Special thanks go to the summer school's partners: JECS Trust, Fields Matter, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - German Research Foundation, The American Ceramic Society (including the Italy Chapter), INSTM - National Interuniversity Consortium for Materials Science and Technology, Società Ceramica Italiana and JEOL EUROPE.

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