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Dr. W. Rheinheimer becomes visiting assistant professor

Our SPP-member Dr. Wolfgang Rheinheimer joined the School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, USA, as a visiting assistant professor in January 2018 including research and teaching for a limited time of 2 years.

Flyer: DFG Priority Programme SPP 1959

Since 2016, he was appointed as Group Leader in the Institute of Applied Materials at KIT where he supervised research in the field of sintering and grain growth in perovskite ceramics involved in the SPP 1959.

At Purdue he will continue working on SPP-related topics around the fundamentals of microstructural evolution of functional ceramics, specifically the impact of electric fields of defect chemistry and of atomic grain boundary structure. In addition, he will also study synthesis, sintering and electrical properties of functional ceramics including dielectrics and battery materials.